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DIY Snowman from Paper mache


These snowmen were easy to make,

You will need;

Flour, water, salt and newspaper for your paper mache

Masking tape and balloons for the body

We finished them off with white spray paint but it didn’t work as well as high gloss white enamel, i would suggest you skip the spray paint.

play dough and orange paint for the nose, a kebab stick

buttons for eyes, smile and buttons

a scarf and a hat

some sticks or pipe cleaners for arms

A glue gun to glue it all together.

Step 1.

Blow up 3 balloons, try to make the bottom balloon the biggest, and then smaller as you go, so that his head is the smallest. To get a more rounded balloon I taped it with masking tape.

Now put the 3 balloons on top of each other and use masking tape to keep them together. We used quite a bit. It helps to put the bottom balloon in a pot or a bowl to keep him from falling over.

 Balloon snowmanImage

Now you can start applying the newspaper and paper mache, I don’t have an exact recipe for you, just mix flour and water and a bit of salt until you get a consistency you like. If you want you can google paper mache recipe.

We did the first layer of paper mache and let it dry overnight, and did the second layer the next day, then we cut the masking tape off. By now the paper mache was strong and dry enough to keep the shape.



After they are dry we spray painted them, which did not look as good. So we painted them with a HIGH GLOSS WHITE ENAMEL, 2 coats and they are super white and shiny.

Left them to dry again over night.

Now we going to put the snowman together,


First we made took some kiddies play dough (if your a mom you should have this lying around the house ) and made it into a shape of a carrot, I even used a real carrot for guidance. This is what it looked like before we painted it. I stuck them on kebab sticks and then made a small hole in the snowman’s face, hot glued it on and pushed it till the glue goes hard again.

Then you can glue your buttons for eyes, buttons on his chest and buttons for a smile. We used brown pipe cleaners for arms, also make a small hole and hot glue them in.

Image Image

And then you just add the hat and the scarf and WHOALA !




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